Toronto Pearson Airport Tour

Description Do you ever wonder about everything that goes on behind the scenes at Canada’s largest airport? What is the difference between a Boeing 767 and an Airbus A380? How many different kinds of machines are used to clear the runway of snow during a winter storm? Where does your […]

An Evening of Innovation

As Professional Engineers, you have unique creative ideas and analytical skill sets. These are exciting times! Come and join us at “McMaster Innovation Park”, together with PEO Oakville Chapter and PEO Hamilton Chapter, and help to “Create Golden Horseshoe Innovation Ecosystem” by: Becoming a mentor to several early growth / […]

How to Network & Find a Mentor: Making Meaningful Connections for Career Success

Description “Mentorship is simply learning from the mistakes and mastery of a successful person in his/her field.” (Bernard Kelvin Clive, Author, Broadcaster) Whether you are looking to make a career change now, in the future, or never, effective networking and strong mentoring relationships can make the difference between the “career […]