Improve Your Communication in the Workplace

PEO Oakville Chapter invites you to a free seminar on:

“Improve your communication in the workplace”

Communication has been identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the Conference Board of Canada as one of five “essential 21st Century skills” that employers are looking for.

Not all effective communication in the workplace is” information-focused”: one area that is often disregarded is casual conversation or “Small Talk”.

Employers want people who know how to relate to customers and colleagues. Small talk plays an important role in building and maintaining relationships in the workplace.

The presentation will focus on the workplace and includes:

1 What is Small Talk?

2. Why is “Small Talk” important?

3. Why do people make Small Talk?

4. What topics do people make Small Talk about, and what topics are not appropriate?

5. ’Rules’ for casual conversation

6. Non- verbal language – how important is it?

7. How to start, maintain and end a casual conversation

8. Guidelines for successful Small Talk


October 19th, 2016 6:30PM


Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre, Black Box room

2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville, ON L6L, Canada (

Guest Speaker

Marjorie Friesen is a fully-qualified business English instructor with over ten years’ experience teaching ESL and ELT (Enhanced Language Training) courses, academic and workplace communications to international students and internationally-educated professionals (IEPs).

Furthermore, Ms. Friesen has dedicated her career to teach business English communication and work-culture skills to help IEPs advance in their careers and contribute fully to their organizations and has presented to several PEO chapters.

She has an undergraduate business degree from Queens’ University, an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business (York University) and an honours Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate from Humber Institute of Advanced Learning & Technology.

In addition, she has 15 years of business experience in different work environments in the private and other sectors, including the former Ontario Hydro. Her business background has given her a strong understanding of Canadian workplace culture and appreciation of the issues IEPs encounter in the workplace.

Event Agenda

  • Registration & Networking
  • Presentation
  • Q & A Session
  • Speaker Appreciation & Closing





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